POP Displays

Increase sales and market your brand

For more than 10 years, Custom Choice Acrylics has been the premier manufacturer of high quality POP Displays.  We can help bring awareness to your product or service.  We specialize in all types of plastic substrates to include acrylic, PETG, and PVC Foam.  Add graphics to your display to really capture attention.  Our large format digital latex printer (HP R1000) has the highest quality color gamut on the market.

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Retail Displays

Attract Customer to Purchase your product or service

Retail Displays showcase your product or service to your target audience.  Retail displays can refer to a number of display products.

  • Display Stands
  • Floor Displays
  • Signage
  • Cardholders
  • Aisle Displays
  • Product Displays

Custom Choice Acrylics uses all types of durable material such as acrylic, PETG, PVC Foam and other materials.  Reach out for more details.

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End Cap Displays

Give your brand a competitive advantage

This is where you display your feature product or service.   Typically used to promote a promotional or sale items.  These displays draw customer attention in a big way.  Call Custom Choice Acrylics today and let’s talk about your design ideas.

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Counter Displays

Capture Attention and showcase your product

Counter displays are a great way to:

  • Display your merchandise
  • Expand Promotional Space
  • Enhance Visibility of Your Brand and More

Custom Counter Displays are convenient displays that showcase your advertising material right next to a check out counter or primary counter.  Custom Choice Acrylics offers our custom displays at affordable prices complete with quick production and delivery.

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Semi-Permanent Displays

Looking for a lasting display option

These displays typically are designed to hold several different products from the same manufacturer over time.  This will reduce the replacement cost associated with other displays that are only meant to showcase a product for a short period of time.  Custom Choice Acrylics can help make these design ideas a reality.

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Permanent Displays

Make a lasting impression on the retail floor

Custom Choice Acrylics manufactures permanent displays that are designed to last for several years on the retail floor.  Durable material is used with the option for changeable graphics.  These displays are restocked with products and designed to solidify their location in retail environment.

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Let’s make your designs come to life at Custom Choice Acrylics!